Living Dead in Dallas by Charlaine Harris

Living Dead in Dallas (Sookie Stackhouse #2) by Charlaine Harris

Living Dead in Dallas is the 2nd book from The Southern Vampire Mysteries by Charlaine Harris. The second season of HBO’s True Blood is loosely based in this book. Because the books focus on Sookie and her adventures, we don’t actually know what happened in Bon Temps while she was doing a job with Bill for the Dallas vampires. But before she left for Dallas, she encountered the maenad Callisto. Like what i mentioned in my previous post about this series, Lafayette died in the beginning of this book. That and the maenad’s presence was merely a side story which Sookie had to take care of when she got back from Dallas. The story focused on the Dallas vampires as one of their “brothers” went missing and they needed Sookie’s special ability to find out what happened to him. They had a hunch that The Fellowship of the Sun was behind it but they needed to be sure. Later we find out that the vampire Farell was captured with the help of Godric/Godfrey, who wanted to face his true death by burning under the sun. Unlike the show, Jason Stackhouse was nowhere near the Fellowship, Steve Newlin is an old man, and Godric/Godfrey is not Eric Northman’s maker. I happen to like Godric from the show, his existence and relationship with Eric made them seem more human. But Godfrey in the books was just a pedophile who raped and killed children, sucking them dry. Although it seems like he repented when he realized his sins and decided to take his life by facing the sun. Another difference between the show and the book is that Tara and Eggs have already been going out. Sookie knew Tara from high school and they were not best friends since they were kids. Eggs and the maenad didn’t die too, although a whole bunch of townsfolk DID die when the maenad took their lives as a “proper tribute” to her. Also, Sam was running/spending time in the woods with the maenad, not another shapeshifter. If you’ve seen the show, they made it look like Sam encountered the maenad before and he hates her guts and he killed her in the end.

The Awakening by L.J. Smith

The Awakening (The Vampire Diaries #1) by L.J. Smith

The Vampire Diaries caught my interest even before the TV show came out. I’ve been seeing it in bookstores and always told myself that i will buy and read it one day. That didn’t happen until someone gave me a gift card, from my favorite bookstore, for my birthday and i decided to buy volumes 1 and 2. I’ve been trying to read volume 1, which has The Awakening and The Struggle, but i’d get so distracted that i can’t get past chapter 2. After my third try, i reached chapter 15 but it took me some months to get there. Then a couple of weeks ago, i found e-books and downloaded them to my phone so i could still read before i sleep (with the lights off) and while i’m in commute or just waiting somewhere. The other day i finally finished reading The Awakening and started reading the first 2 chapters of The Struggle. Like any other TV show or movie based on a novel, i can’t help but compare/point out the difference between the book and the show/movie. For starters, book-Elena, IMO, doesn’t seem like the same Elena in the show. And unlike the show, she doesn’t have a hot teenage brother named Jeremy but instead has a little kid sister named Margaret. I know these were already mentioned even before the show started so it was no surprise, really. The fight between Damon and Stefan seems more serious in the books than what was shown in the series. In the show, they seem to be getting along, getting closer to each other, or at least they were close before Katherine came to their lives; but in the book, i get the impression that they have been fighting even before Katherine came, she just made it worse. The Awakening is mostly about Stefan and Elena meeting, falling in love, the latter finding out what the former really is, and of course, Damon trying to keep them apart. In the end of this book, it appears that Damon killed Stefan and boasts about it, but we all know that isn’t true. I’m in the part of The Struggle that Elena does not believe him and she is looking for Stefan with the help of the witch Bonnie, whose last name isn’t Bennett, but McCollough.

Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris

Dead Until Dark (Sookie Stackhouse #1) by Charlaine Harris

Dead Until Dark is the first of the  Sookie Stackhouse Novels, also known as The Southern Vampire Mysteries. I first heard of it when i started watching True Blood, an HBO series, a few years back. I have been interested but i never actually had the chance to purchase and read the books. A couple of weeks ago, i found e-books of the set and started reading from my phone every night before i slept. Last night, i finally finished it and it was around 80-90% similar as to what we’ve seen on the hit TV series. I guess they didn’t want to go way off the original story but still made minor changes to make it more attractive on TV. For instance, Sookie had no best friend named Tara, but her gay cousin Lafayette is in the story from the beginning. A minor character in the books, he dies in the beginning of the 2nd book (I started reading it after i finished this one). And then there’s a dim-witted vampire who Bill asked to look out after Sookie while he had to go do some business to get Eric off their backs. The vampire was called Bubba and was described as someone whom they all recognized, once a famous rock star who supposedly died years ago. From the description and the back story, i think it’s Elvis. There’s also the fact that Sookie and Vampire Bill had sex a lot. There were a couple of times where i didn’t get it at first but words were used that made me go back and read that part again. Nicely done Mrs. Harris.